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We research, design and create mixed media forms to explain a topic in a clear, accessible, and understandable way.

Animation Series

Video Series: How Doctors Can Communicate Better with Patients.

Custom Notebooks

An animated video, composed by 'modular' chapters, that explains how Moleskine can help companies and individuals tell their stories through customized objects and tools.

Stories of Illness/ Disability in Literature and Comics: Intersections of the Medical, the Personal, and the Cultural

I had the honour to attended two days international conference (October 27-29, 2017) and exhibition (27 October- 4 March 2018) organised by the PathoGraphics research group at Freien Universität Berlin. The debate examined the ethical, aesthetic and political aspects of illness and disability at the intersection of medicine, art, the personal and the cultural. Speakers addressed this question from different perspectives, including literary scholarship, comics studies, media studies, disability studies, the health humanities, sociology and geography.

Pathographics at Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School of Literary Studies.
Full Program and Speakers
@Berlin Medical History Museum at the Charité

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