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We research, design and create mixed media forms to explain a topic in a clear, accessible, and understandable way.

Animation Series

Video Series: How Doctors Can Communicate Better with Patients.

Custom Notebooks

An animated video, composed by 'modular' chapters, that explains how Moleskine can help companies and individuals tell their stories through customized objects and tools.

Mathesia - Applied Mathematics

Animation Video and Outlook Report

Animation Video

3D/2D animated video to introduce Mathesia, a new academic-business innovation platform about applied mathematics.
Mathesia enables companies to develop solutions through data science, simulation, and optimization and it’s incubated at Polihub - Politecnico of Milano.

Outlook 2019 on Data Science

Tasks: Writing and Design

The Report highlights the perspectives and views of some of the most renowned international scientists and presents the findings from two surveys.
The insights gathered from both interviews and surveys give a better understanding of the impact of data science and its benefits. Preventing and curing diseases, optimizing transportation and logistics, empowering management to take better decisions: Data science and AI offer countless possibilities to improve our life, enhance production efficiency and even reinvent society.
But since these technologies are so powerful, it becomes even more important to question if they bring some risks, what they are and how to avoid them. Privacy rights, ownership of data and control over autonomous things and systems represent particularly sensitive challenges: who is going to have access to all these data and benefit from it? Automatic decisions based on AI will become reality but this needs to be mitigated and controlled by society and politics.
The Report reflect on what opportunities and challenges data science presents today with the aim to stimulate the interaction between mathematics research and industry.

Animation Credits
Project Concept and Production by Neue Big
Script Writing: Daniela Berto, Bartolomeo Meletti, Lisa Cadamuro
English Editing and Proofreading: Victoria Gosling
Animation Concept and Direction: Marco Bagni
Motion Design: Andy Brewer
Music and Sound Design: Leon Purviance
Outlook 2019
Project Concept and Production by Neue Big
Script Writing: Daniela Berto, Lisa Cadamuro
English Editing and Proofreading: Victoria Gosling
Design Concept, Creative Direction and Illustrations: Manuel Bortoletti

Neue Big - a Project by Daniela Berto
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VAT number: DE295949694