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We research, design and create mixed media forms to explain a topic in a clear, accessible, and understandable way.

Animation Series

Video Series: How Doctors Can Communicate Better with Patients.

Custom Notebooks

An animated video, composed by 'modular' chapters, that explains how Moleskine can help companies and individuals tell their stories through customized objects and tools.

Physicians-patients communication (from books to short video format)

Topics: communication skills/literacy in the relationship between physicians and patients.
Goal: create a clear and informative experience for physicians.
Output: webpage (design, visual and code), a series of 9 animations, using flat design and icons and informative text.

Daniela Berto: Format Development, Project Management, Production
Lisa Cadamuro: Copywriting
Marta Croce: Visual/Icon Design, Illustration
Miriam Palopoli: Motion Graphic Animation
Alessia Ieluzzi: Voice Narration
Luca Prati/Antonella Mauri (Yottacle): Front-end Development

Selected chapters


Doctor-patient communication Intro from Neue Big on Vimeo.

Chapter 2

Doctor-patient communication Chapter 2 from Neue Big on Vimeo.

Chapter 3

Doctor-patient communication Chapter 3 from Neue Big on Vimeo.

Neue Big - a Project by Daniela Berto
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