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We research, design and produce informative/explanatory media format to present ideas in a clear, accessible, and understandable way.

Value Proposition Online Course

A series of +40 short videos with different type of content (exercise intros, best practice, case studies, explanations) and various length (from 0.30 sec. to 5 min.) that synthesized the principles of the 'Value Proposition Design' Book.

Custom Notebook Service Explained

An animated video, composed by 'modular' chapters, that explains how Moleskine can help companies and individuals tell their stories through tailor made objects and tools.

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About us

Neue Big is an independent and interdisciplinary studio born in 2006, that researches, designs and produces physical-digital communication and learning experience. From research and analysis to ideation and execution, we help organizations to engage with their audience through creative and informative stories.


In 2010 we have decided to go beyond the structure of a traditional agency, making openness, knowledge exchange and cooperation a reality.

A willingness to explore, learn and share our experience and expertise with others, the idea to blend design approach and business ethics and sustainability, the search for a balance between intuitions and analytical thinking and a conscious journey between physical + digital realities, is our way to work and create.


Our Model and Approach

NeueBig’s organization relies on interconnected teams of highly-experienced designers, technologists, information/knowledge strategists, writers/journalists, educators, directors, animators, illustrators, sociologists and subject experts, who share the core principles of collaboration, curiosity, passion, ownership and responsibility.

Each team is formed within a network of trusted partners and collaborators and it's based on specific project goals, subject topics and timeframes. We make the most of the energy that comes from the fusion of different skills, expertise and knowledge.

Our field experience has proven that co-design methodologies, interdisciplinary approaches and iterative/incremental processes are the most effective way to identify the core messages and build solid and relevant digital products, content and format to connect, engage and inspire people to action.


What we do

Strategy + Content and Information Analysis + Media Formats

We help our clients identify and prioritise the most important communication goals and core messages aligned with their strategy, and guide the entire process from the initial strategic research and framing to the creation of text/visual/animated media forms and tools.

We discover new opportunities and insights, through in depth research, qualitative content analysis and text mining techniques.

We co-design a production framework and process, inspired by agile principles that allows to develop project and achieve results in a step-by-step, incremental and practical way.

We create compelling, concise and easy to understand content experience, learning format, video essays, animated stories, digital toolkit to connect and engage people and inspire them to action.

How we started

At the end of 2006, we started a new creative studio with the idea to to blend together open source technology, innovative web applications, fresh visual design and communication skills. We delivered commissioned projects for big and small organisations, created international collaborations among the creative community and we were published in several publications and magazines. We also developed our in house productions and experiments, such as our own design blog followed by 40K users a month or exhibitions exploring the art and craft of physical paper craft creations.

On the Old Story area, you can explore the best case studies realized between 2007 and 2010 and pick a sense of what we created.


Our Clients

Present and Past:

Alexander Osterwalder/Strategyzer
Boheringer Ingelheim
Samsung Italia
Rcs- Gazzetta dello Sport
Terres des Hommes Italia
Global Campus

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